[Therion] Changing outline on pitches breaks lox

Bruce bruce at tomo.co.nz
Fri Nov 25 10:46:35 CET 2011

This is just one symptom of a drawing package that attempts to make many
outputs from single (non-duplicate) inputs.  Therion is not alone here.  At
some point there will always be limits to the versatility of outputs that
can be achieved with a particular set of scraps.  Another example is that it
is hard to get maps with labels and symbols that look good at scales more
than 2 orders of magnitude apart.

Perhaps to solve the issue that Andrew describes a new area entity could be
created.  One that 'cleans' the passage interior colouring and makes it
transparent.  Would avoid using invisible walls and making holes in the loch
model.  It would still result in a 'holey' pdf map if we were displaying
only the top passage and not the bottom passage in some maps.

So, increasing complexity and decreasing returns.
Sadly, at some point we need to decide "these are the types of output we
have in mid for this dataset" and tailor our inputs to that end, thus
compromising the ability to get other outputs/map arrangements/scales etc.

Please, please prove me wrong somebody.


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Just been changing the outline on a pitch so the bolders below look 
right on the pdf, by setting the bit of wall to outline none, clip off 
and the pitch boundary to outline out clip off, see p_before and 
p_after, the problem is that then the lox model also has a hole in it 
see l_before and l_after.

I suspect this is bug/feature that is hard to get around?


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