[Therion] strike and dip

Andrew Atkinson andrew at wotcc.org.uk
Thu Feb 10 11:57:30 CET 2011

We did discuss trying to put faults etc into our lox model a while back, 
but found more useful things to do,

It would be a nice feature, but no idea how it could be done.

I have included Anddy Farrant in this mail, as our trained (but not very 
well) Geologist, he should be able to help in this discussion, but has 
little knowledge of Therion


On 10/02/11 10:43, Stacho Mudrak wrote:
> Hi all,
> we are solving a problem of adding a basic geological observations
> (measurements) to therion.
> When measuring a planar feature (bedding or fault or others), you
> measure strike and dip.
> When measuring linear features, trend and plunge is measured.
> In the case of faults, also whether it is dextral or sinistral fault is
> determined and potentially a magnitude.
> My question is, do you have some idea/wish how to integrate these into
> therion? Do you have some experience with it?
> Our first idea is to add a standard T symbol for strike and dip
> measurement, but there is one problem. Orientation of this symbol is not
> drawn, but it is measured (with compass). But its position is given by
> position on the map. Should these measurements be entered into a table
> (as centerline data are), or put as options with symbols?
> Do you have any ideas or comments?
> Best regards, S.
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