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Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Wed Apr 27 22:04:02 CEST 2011

>It works, but if I plot the elevation plan with annother orientation as
0DEG than I missed the Walls? 


Not exactly sure what you mean, but I'll have a go.  If you have drawings
with one projection - say 180 deg, then these cannot generally be output to
another projection, say 0 deg, without  lots of distortion.  One would think
that this particular case would be a mirror image, however from memory many
versions ago I accidentally did this with background images, and they
displayed upside down.


You need to prepare separately scraps and maps for each projection (plan,
elev000 deg, elev180 deg, elev090 deg etc).  They can all be exported with a
single compile of a thconfig file however.


As map-image has no scaling or rotation features you might not be able to
get what you want on a single map output with a single 'set and forget'
sequence in the thconfig, but manual passes with intermediate editing of the
files would add complete flexibility.




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