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Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
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Use the map-image feature to include one pdf map within the other.  It is a
little bit hit and miss wrt to positioning, but it works well enough.
Unfortunately you will loose the ability to text search in the file that is
inserted as an image, otherwise it works very well.


In your thconfig export, say, the elevation first, then export the plan.


An example


#Make elevation first so that it's pdf can be added to the plan

export map   -projection [elevation 270 deg] \

  -layout LayoutMapBulmer_System             \

  -layout LayoutMapBulmer_SystemElev       \    

  -output ./Output/MapBeautifulBulmerSystem_Elev.pdf  


 export map -projection plan          \

  -layout LayoutMapBulmer_System     \

  -layout LayoutMapBulmer_SystemPlan \

  -output ./Output/MapBeautifulBulmerSystem_Plan.pdf


The layout for the plan should include a map-image statement inserting the


  map-image 0.8 103 sw "./Output/MapBeautifulBulmerSystem_Elev.pdf" #0.8
needed to align plan & elev vertically in this case for some reason.




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probably it is a very simple question. But I do not get it out. 

How is it possible to get a plan projection AND a elevation projection
(180°) on one map. 

I have a simple cave with 4 very small scraps with plan projection and one
scrap with elevation projection. 

I have found no example in the wiki, but may be a havn`t searched enough. 




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