[Therion] Hiding small objects at large scales

Bruce dangle at tomo.co.nz
Wed Feb 3 10:43:02 CET 2010

I have just noticed Thomas Holders  metapost sample for hiding small rocks
at large scale reductions.


  def l_rockborder (expr p) =
    if abs(llcorner p - urcorner p) > u:


I'm guessing the same approach could be used to hide any type of line or
area object dependant on the scale, and it looks as though it might be
trivially easy to implement, even for someone like me who knows next to
nothing about meta post.


What would be the chances of this working in the form presented above for
point objects?

Or for labels as below?


  def p_label (expr txt,pos,rot,mode) =
    if abs(llcorner p - urcorner p) > u:


Or modified to show or hide point objects depending on the value of the
-scale property?



Has anyone tried something like this?



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