[Therion] Naming of passages

Andrew Atkinson aa at wotcc.org.uk
Mon Dec 20 22:33:48 CET 2010

>On Dec 20, 2010, Bruce <dangle at tomo.co.nz> wrote: 
>By survey ‘name’ do you mean
>what the therion book calls the ’id’?

I am not sure on this, as the tables in the sql export also use ID, but I think in a slightly different way. eg in the survey table there is an ID a name and full_name plus title. My feeling is that ID referred to in the therion book is the name referred to in the table and full_name is the ID you put after the @ when referring to surveys, eg Portal_pool.2009.Charterhouse.

>I always use id and title for surveys but I
>have not been using ‘id’ or ‘title’ for centerlines,
>didn’t notice they were available – will help me with my organization!

>I posted on a similar topic a year or so
>ago.  I’d like much better list control with optionally many more of
>the fields that therion collects.  At present they are too limited, the
>data is ‘in’ Therion, but we can’t get it out.

But I think this might be something that Therion does not have as input, however for the none therion user is important to the end user. It is one of the questions I am asked most


>To me the ‘title’ is or should
>be representative of the name that cavers colloquially use, so that gets rid of
>one of your ‘names’.

I may agree, I am in that sort of thnking nprocess, but would it work for both survey and centreline?


>Don’t have time to get to the gist
>of what you are trying to achieve, sorry, but maybe later…

Hope you have time later, other thought would be welcome, my mind is spinning

>I agree that the database is potentially
>quite useful, but my fumbling experimentations have only ever resulted in extremely
>cumbersome beasts that, without considerable database experience, are just too
>hard to use.

>Have you a secret to making database usage
>available to the masses?

That is what I am working on, but give me some time.....months....years


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