[Therion] wrong representation in google earth

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Fri May 22 12:44:42 CEST 2009

On 22.5.2009, at 12:18, Thomas Holder wrote:

> It seems to me that therion doesn't care about wall orientations at  
> all. I also struggled with pillars in loch models, swapped around  
> wall orientations but with no success. Then I set "-online in" for  
> all pillars and finally got the desired result.

It does (sometimes therion is able to corret it). The principle is  
from beginning of mostly any line on left side is "air" and on right  
side is "bedrock". So correct way to draw walls of passage is  

About loch:

export model -fmt loch -o output/foo.lox


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