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Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
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Thanks Stacho
Now that you explain it, the significance of the 3rd sentence on page 14
Therion Book becomes clearer!

I see now that this aspect is even more modular and flexible than I thought.

In the same data set, one can independently specify different co-ordinate
systems for each input survey, surface image, terrain model, scanned sketch,
gridline position origin, atlas page position origin and the actual output
co-ordinates printed.  I had assumed that the last three items in that list
would be constrained to the same co-ordinate system; hence my

I suspect that the way Therion is now is probably best (assuming I have 'got
it right').  What would help would perhaps be an expanded explanation in the
Therion Book.  Ie explaining the usage and scope (visibility) in the
different su=ituations.

I'm wondering if one could ever come up with six or more valid co-ordinate
systems in common usage that apply to any one single cave system? :)
To answer my own question, we probably have more than six where I live, but
only two or three we are likely to use.

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> So now I'm a bit confused.  Must be in layout to set atlas page positions?

Yes. CS must be specified, if you want to specify atlas page origin in
the layout.

> Must not be in layout for all other outputs?

CS from layout is not used in any outputs. Therion outputs are allways
in output CS specified outside of the layout in your configuration

>  Is there a logical explanation?

I am not sure, I understand your problem correctly. Does your
confusion comes from fact, that you need to specify same CS twice -
once in the layout and once outside of the layout? May be if layout
would use cs specified outside of the layout by default - would it
solve your problems?

Regards, S.
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