[Therion] Austrian Symbol-Set

Georg Pacher gpacher at sbox.tugraz.at
Tue Nov 25 23:22:44 CET 2008

Hi there!

I am about to adapt the symbol-set in therion to meet the Austrian 
standard (see http://www.hoehle.org/downloads/signaturen.gif).

The changes I made, can be found here:

and an example of what comes out:

Most symbols are finished already (or met the standard anyway), but 
there are still some open issues:

-Drawing the symbol for entrance pits which uses a double line. 
Currently I generate points at a fixed distance perpendicular to the 
given line and connect them to form the inner line. This results in very 
bad behaviour at edges, and needs a lot of memory due to the large 
number of generated points. Any ideas how to solve that?

-Naming of floorstep subtypes: As in the old UIS standard(?) there are 
floorstep subtypes when equipment is needed (<10m, >10m). Any ideas for 
a good (short) name for those?

-Legend symbols/explanations. I didnt really care about that yet.

And the main question is:
- How shall I prepare the changes I did, such that they can be easily 
included in one of the next releases?

Keep up the good work and kind regards

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