[Therion] Passage Height units

Bill Gee bgee at campercaver.net
Wed Nov 19 02:35:14 CET 2008

Hi, everyone - Taking off from Stacho's comment below about setting the units 
for LRUD, I have been wrestling ever since I began using Therion with the 
units on "Passage Height" points.  I discovered quite by accident a way to 
make them come out right, but it seems a kludgy way to do things.

In my .th file I specify units like this:

  units compass degrees
  units clino degrees
  units length feet
  units depth feet
  units tape feet
  units altitude feet
  units dimensions feet

Everything should be feet, right??  NOT!  When I do a passage height point and 
specify "-value 3", for example, Therion thinks that is 3 meters.  When the 
map is compiled, 3 meters is converted to feet and then printed on the map.  
It comes out as 10!

	point 481.75 -722.5 passage-height -value 3

The workaround I discovered is to specify it as "-value [3 ft]".  This comes 
out right on the compiled map.

	point 481.75 -722.5 passage-height -value [3 ft]

Is there a way to avoid this convoluted syntax?

Thanks - Bill Gee

I am using Therion 5.2 on Fedora 7

> But I am not sure, whether it is all you asked for... It looks, that
> you had problems enering survey data in feet. Is it really like that?
> Could you please send me some sample file in feets, may be you are
> just missing units settings. May be your confusion comes from a fact,
> that if you enter in your data header:
> units length feet
> LRUD data are still interpreted as metres. All you need to do in this
> case is to specify, that also dimenstions are entered in feet
> units length dimensions feet

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