[Therion] Loch Units

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Tue Nov 4 07:47:10 CET 2008

>units length feet

>LRUD data are still interpreted as metres. All you need to do in this
>case is to specify, that also dimensions are entered in feet

>units length dimensions feet

>But probably dimensions units should be set up also when length units
>are set up. If you agree, I will fix it in therion.

I am happy the way it is, but if change is desired then my vote would be to
make dimensions units equal length units unless the user specifically sets
both of them to be different to each other.
This would allow complete flexibility, and keep it simple for users who only
think to set one of them.
Same approach could be taken for all length type units (depth, position,
Same approach could also be taken for all directional type units (compass,
clino etc)

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