[Therion] Sketches Export Fatal Error

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Tue Apr 15 04:55:12 CEST 2008

Have checked the morphing samples that come with the install files
(developers snapshot 2004-04-08) and get the same fatal error.

The therion log file contains;


therion 0.5.2

initialization file: D:\Program Files\Therion/therion.ini

reading ... done

configuration file: thconfig.1.thc

reading ... done

reading source files ... done

preprocessing database ... done

scanning centreline tree ... done

searching for centerline loops ... done

calculating station coordinates ... done

calculating basic statistics ... done

processing extended elevation ... done

processing references ... done

selecting export objects ... done

processing projection plan ... done

average distortion: 30.54%

writing cave1.pdf ...

morphing cave1.jpg (0.8 Mpix)


Therefore I suspect a bug in this release?

I can provide data from a Windows error report if it will help.





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Ah ha! I see I WAS missing something!

The distinction between "background sketches" in the "scrap" "toolbar" and 

"background images" in the "background images" "toolbar" was too subtle for


Once I discovered the correct 'button' it works fine, at least until compile
time, when Windows OS decides Therion.exe has encountered a fatal error and
closes it down.  Are there any clues in the code below?  (sub-folder? Spaces
in filename?)


-sketch [Sketches/Greenlink Plan J2 sketch 210707.jpg] 0 -784






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Subject: [Therion] Sketches Export -sketch option missing from th2


A while back I asked

I have had "sketches on" (no quote marks) in my layout since my first
(almost) Therion steps last year, and not      once have I had my jpg
sketches exported to pdf.  I expect they       should, and I recall that the
samples provided seem to do so -  I could find no difference between my code
and the samples.


Stacho replied

Do you have -sketch option specified in your scrap? It does not work

In the scrap toolbar - last list box is background sketches. You need to
click insert button below and then click on the appropriate picture. Then
this picture should be listed in the "background sketches" listbox.
Background images in xtherion are not seen by therion, you need to enable
this manually.



And I replied with what I now realize is nonsense so I won't repeat it.


And now I've given this some more time I still have the problem that
sketches are not exported, but I have some insight as to why.


Stacho's response above is consistent with the Therion book pg 20 and 32
explanations, and on studying the morphing sample code that comes with the
installation, I think that I have been, and still are, following the
instructions for the required actions within the map editor perfectly. (and
I can see and trace my sketches as expected)


However on studying the text files produced by my map editor efforts, and
those in the morphing sample I see that the -sketch option is missing from
my *.th2 files.

>From the Therion book.


sketch <filename> <x> <y> . underlying sketch bitmap specification (lower
left corner coordinates).


So in theory I could manually add this option using the text editor, but
there is a difficulty calculating the x, y co-ordinates.  I suppose it could
be done by hand or by trial and error, but very time consuming.


Am I missing something, or is there something my map editor is not
translating correctly?




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