[Therion] extend vertical command

Gilbert Fernandes (mailinglist) gfe_list at aliceadsl.fr
Sat Oct 20 15:40:14 CEST 2007


It's OK on the 0.5.1 release,
but not work on 0.5.0
it's a new feature, isn't it ?



Stacho Mudrak a écrit :
> Gilbert Fernandes (mailinglist) wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have seen an instruction in an therion exemple in the web site ( I 
>> cannot find the url now) saying we can put vertical a survey (not 
>> compleatly vertical) in an extended scrap.
>> This instruction  is put in a centerline
>>     extend vertical n15 n16
>> But I cannot find it in the thbook.pdf, and it seems to not work in the 
>> last therion release.
>  > Does it still work or not ?
> This is very strange! On my machine, I have 0.5.1 version, and extend 
> vertical is also in the thbook.pdf and also it seems to work (I have 
> tried an example). If it does not work for you, could you please send me 
> some small dataset, where this problem occurs, probably it is some bug.
> Thanks, S.
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