[Therion] Syntax for vertical passages

Vilius A vilyzzz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 16:54:36 CEST 2007

Hello fellows,

I've faced a problem when I started to use therion for the surveys we do. The 
matter is that when we survey a vertical passage (a well) we are used to take 
such sets of measurements: shot from-to, length(vertical) and 3-5 
combinations of azimuth and distance. 
Ex. 1-2 5m. (210' - 1,2m)(0' - 4m)(75' - 3m)(160' - 0m)
210' stands for 210 degrees etc.

And I cannot  find out how using syntax of therion to note these measurements. 
Or should I change the way I do notes.

Thanks for any ideas and advises.

Vilius A.
Speleoclub "├ćnigma" 

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