[Therion] Vercors 2008

Martin Sluka martinsluka at mac.com
Fri Feb 23 14:05:21 CET 2007

> On 23.2.2007, at 13:56, Eric Madelaine, INRIA wrote:
> Sorry Martin, are you now speaking of the London Meeting, or of the
> Vercors UIS Congress ?
> We should change the title of this thread.

I apologize myself - there is subject "Re: [Therion] Meeting in  
London?... Vercors 2008", so my meaning was it is about Vercors.

> I guess it is Vercors you had in mind. So what I know for sure is that
> there is already one half day slot allocated for a survey, with at  
> least
> people from Toporobot.
> In any case, we need to gather enough information on people interested
> to present something on the various subjects already mentionned, and
> provide the organizers with our requests, including:
> - number (and duration) of presentations
> - size of the planned attendance (= size of the room)
> - requested equipement: computers, videopro, walls or grids for
> expositions (linear ?)
> - etc

No, my meaning of point 2 was not only the presentation of something,  
but real workshop for probably more than one day to exchange  
experience with using computer assisted cave cartography.


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