[Therion] How to find most recent Therion Windows Install Files?

Roger Schuster roger at r-schuster.de
Tue Dec 11 21:41:22 CET 2007


unfortunately this bug on the download page is still there. In IE 7 and 
Opera 9 the lines between "Therion for Windows [10 MB] – installs 
everything necessary to run Therion. " and "Updated: December 10, 2007" 
aren't visible. They are in the page source but they aren't rendered on 
screen. You should check your pages with http://validator.w3.org/ to 
prevent such problems.


Stacho Mudrak schrieb:
> Thanks, should be fixed now. S.
> Quoting Ladislav Blažek <lada.blazek at gmail.com>:
>> <font> tag is deprecated in HTML standard for long time. If you need
>> smaller font use p, div or span with style specification... <div
>> style="font-size: 80%">text</div>

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