[Therion] How to find most recent Therion Windows Install Files?

Bruce Mutton bruce.mutton at paradise.net.nz
Sat Dec 8 09:27:45 CET 2007

Funny Thing Stacho
The Therion download page looks the same as it always has, since I
discovered Therion a month or so ago, and viewed by three different
computers at two different physical sites.  I can follow the links you post
in your email, but there seems to be no way to navigate there via the
website, unless one knows the exact name and date to type in directly.

Ben may have been experiencing a similar issue a couple of weeks ago when
you had to post a link to an earlier update

As far as I am aware my browser(s) work perfectly, well not quite, but not
this sort of problem. :) IE7 on Windows XP, MCE & Professional.

Does anyone else find that these update pages are 'invisible', therefore
unattainable unless you are advised, say by forum post, of the exact


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On 8.12.2007, at 8:10, Bruce Mutton wrote:

> Sorry Stacho, you've lost me.  None of the dates in you message or  
> on the
> website pages have links, nor can I find text that matches the above.
> In any case, all of the dates are August 29, 2007, quite old.

There should be something wrong with caches of your browser.

I checked it 5 minutes later.



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