[Therion] Converting SVG files to Therion th2 format

Juergen Bohnert juergen.bohnert at uni-tuebingen.de
Wed Aug 29 18:09:07 CEST 2007

Hi Martin,

I have tried it with two caves so far and I found out that I would be  
much faster if I converted the whole cave in one go.

Dividing the svg cave map is not the problem, but putting the layers  
together for each single scrap is painful. E.g. if you wanted to do  
this for a 2 km long cave and your scrap limit is 100 m you would have  
to do the conversion 20 times for 5-10 layers which means ending up  
with 100 - 200 single conversions - very cumbersome. Think about  
alpine karst regions where you want to convert a whole bunch of longer  
caves to enjoy the dynamic cave map advantages of Therion.

Definitely, automation of this process would be a good thing.

Generating a 2 km long "super scrap" and breaking it up into smaller  
100 - 200 m scraps automatically should be doable using the right  


Zitat von Martin Sluka <martinsluka at mac.com>:

> On 29.8.2007, at 17:15, Juergen Bohnert wrote:
>> That we did both the same svg import thing is not a problem - I will
>> further improve my script, to automatically import svg files of large
>> caves - which is my main interest.
> It is tricky job for a good plain text editor :)
> Isn't more simply to divide the original vector drawing manually in
> vector editing program and import it part by part? Anything you need in
> therion is add one .th file with inputs and joins. You may have each
> scrap in separate .th2 file.
> Martin

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