[Therion] Converting SVG files to Therion th2 format

Juergen Bohnert juergen.bohnert at uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Aug 28 19:37:54 CEST 2007

Hi Wookey,

yes that would be nice!

It would also speed up the reverse engineering process dramatically,  
since one then could generate one "super scrap" (1 -2 km length) of  
all extracted layers and simply break it up into smaller scraps,  

Meanwhile, I have gained more experience with the svg to th2  
conversion and it works surprisingly well even with the large Corel  
Draw maps.
I have now changed my strategy a bit and manually extract all symbols  
of one kind (e.g. rocks, contour lines) using Inkscape and save them  
as a separate th2 files with the correct line description. Then I  
combine everything in a single th2 file using a text editor.

However, I had to break up one 1 km section into two 500 m scraps  
since editing the very large scrap turned out to be too slow with the  
Therion map editor.

So I guess the suggested scrap limit of ~100 m is mainly based on  
editing speed.


Zitat von Wookey <wookey at aleph1.co.uk>:

> On 2007-08-28 00:19 +0200, Martin Sluka wrote:
>> On 28.8.2007, at 0:03, Juergen Bohnert wrote:
>> > The problems is that at this point you can only select single lines
>> > one by one....
>> Ya, but there is "Move to" part in Object section of Map editor.
>> First of all you find the line number of end of scrap you want too
>> move in. After you write this number to Move to field. After you
>> simply select the object and click on Move to button.
>> The color of object should change from blue to yellow.
> But that is still one object at a time. I too could really use
> the ability to select an area and move all of it to another scrap.
> Wookey
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