[Therion] Converting SVG files to Therion th2 format

Juergen Bohnert juergen.bohnert at uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Aug 28 00:03:49 CEST 2007

Hi Martin,

yes, that is probably the way to do it!

My example cave had a length of 860 m and that didn't give any  
problems although I used several layers.

I wonder what the practical length limit per scrap really is, since  
you recommended rather small values of ~100 m in the manual.
However, that would be very cumbersome in terms of reverse engineering  
of vector maps, unless this process is fully automatic.

Now, I am currently in the process of reverse engineering a larger  
cave map (total length ~ 3 km) and will probably break it up into 3  
The conversion of the first section (~ 1 km) gave no problems, so far.

First I wanted to do it in one go, but ran into problems with  
Inkscape, which crashed upon extracting line data. I found out that  
the practical svg size limit of a very detailed cave map is probably  
in the 2 km range (at least on my computer).

It would be very practical if there was a very fast way of subdividing  
large scraps into smaller ones by simply selecting parts of the th2  
map with the mouse and moving it to another scrap (like a grouping  
action in a standard vector graphic software). Do you think that could  
be implemented?
The problems is that at this point you can only select single lines  
one by one....



Zitat von Martin Sluka <martinsluka at mac.com>:

> Great work!
> I think you may make "scraps" if you divide your initial map into
> several pieces and than convert them independently.
> Martin
> On 27.8.2007, at 0:32, Juergen Bohnert wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If someone is interested:
>> I have been able to convert a Corel Draw cave map to the Therion th2
>> format using a quick-and-dirty Python svg to th2 converter. The
>> workflow is described for Corel Draw 11 at
>> http://therion.speleo.sk/wiki/doku.php?id=cst
>> The script is still very simple and needs a lot of improvement.
>> Also the resulting th2 file in most cases will need some manual
>> editing.
>> It is rather a proof-of-principle thing then a real program (however
>> this could be changed rapidly).
>> I am curious to know if it also works for other vector drawing
>> programs like Adobe Illustrator, and what the specific problems are.
>> Any comments?
>> Best Regards,
>> Juergen
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