[Therion] Basic Question : where did the legs go ?

Wolfgang Zillig wolfgang.zillig at web.de
Tue Aug 21 11:45:47 CEST 2007

Ricardo Constantino schrieb:
> Good Morning,
> My name is Ricardo Constantino, and I have just started using Therion 
> / Survex - so please bear with me :-)
> I am running survex 1.0.39, and therion 0.5.0 on Windows XP.
> I have a little test survey (both in svx and th files) with 9 stations.
> When I run the svx file directly in Survex I get a correct 3d file, 
> which Aven displays with the 9 stations and 8 legs.
> However, when I run the same survey (either as a 3d import or natively 
> in the .th file) the result displays the stations but not the 
> interconnecting legs - even the survex log generated from the therion 
> compilation reads that there are 9 stations but 0 legs !
> Even a simple 2, 3 station survey directly in Therion, generates the 
> pdf plan view, but only the stations are marked in the file (there are 
> no lines interconnecting the stations).
> What am I missing here ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ricardo
> (www.ENTRADA.tv <http://www.ENTRADA.tv>)
> BTW : the concepts behind both these applications are great - I just 
> hope I will have a chance to try all the powerfull features ! Thanks guys.

can you post here your demo data? (.svx and .th)


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