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On 7/27/07, Stacho Mudrak <s.m at group-s.sk> wrote:
> Vilius A wrote:
> > I've faced a problem when I started to use therion for the surveys we do. The
> > matter is that when we survey a vertical passage (a well) we are used to take
> > such sets of measurements: shot from-to, length(vertical) and 3-5
> > combinations of azimuth and distance.
> > Ex. 1-2 5m. (210' - 1,2m)(0' - 4m)(75' - 3m)(160' - 0m)
> > 210' stands for 210 degrees etc.
> Do you have some idea, where would you like to use these data?
> As far as I can see, if you will specify cross section that way, it can
> be used in 3D model (with a very special 3D generation algorithm
> designed to us these data). And some of these points could be used when
> plan or elevatn is drawn. Do you use them for something else?
> And why not to give to these points some names and specify them as
> ordinary stations? May be with "duplicate" flag?
> Normally, when you specify LRUD data for vertical shot - it is in fact
> West - East - North - South and that way it is used in 3D model. Would
> like to have possibility to specify passage dimension in arbitrary
> direction (not only LRUD)?
> Regards, S.
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Sorry for late answer.

Actually, we use such data drawing xelevations. Its useful to draw a
small plan of a vertical passage close to the same place in a
xelevaton. It would be nice to have such function in therion though
it's not highly important. I attach an example of a simple cave
An other thing - we have already done several surveys of some caves
the way I mentioned. So it would be good to enter the data to some
software the same way.

Vilius A
Speleoclub "├ćnigma"
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