[Therion] Metapost problem...

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Sat May 13 12:52:28 CEST 2006

> I've made the changes you've indicated, but I don't know where is the 
> THERION environnement variable, so I can't modify this ! My therion.ini 
> file stands in the general therion directory...

OK. Run therion like:

therion --print-environment

Output like this should appear:
therion 0.3.11
cavern.exe - Survex 1.0.23
initialization file: C:\Program Files\Therion/therion.ini
reading ... done
INIT=C:\Documents and Settings\stacho\.therion;C:\Program Files\Therion
SOURCE=C:\Documents and Settings\stacho\.therion;C:\Program Files\Therion
METAPOST=C:\Program Files\Therion\bin\win32\mpost.exe
PDFTEX=C:\Program Files\Therion\bin\win32\pdfetex.exe

Then you need to copy therion.ini into one of the folders listed in INIT 
variable. When you receive correct path to mpost and pdfetex in items 
METAPOST and PDFTEX, then your therion configuration is OK.

I am not sure, but may be there is something about Mac installation on 
therion wiki pages.


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