[Therion] Slope symbol needed

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu May 4 23:07:10 CEST 2006

+++ Stacho Mudrak [06-05-04 08:31 +0200]:
> > Long thin ones are used for very steep slopes. Short fat ones for more normal
> > sloping floors.
> >
> > Can you help, or give me a lcue for where to start doing it myself?
> If I have understood, you would like to change following symbols:
> point gradient
> line gradient
> line slope

Yes I suppose so. Possibly only point gradient and line slope. I don't
really understand what the difference between line gradient and line slope is?

> In any case, we should probably create BCRA symbol set in standard therion
> distribution. We will try...

That would be nmarvellous. I've just downloaded JD Hobby's metpost book, and
read the relevant section of the thbook but it all looks rather scary. A way
to create new symbols with something mere mortals can understand, like SVG
would be nice, although I can see that SVG->metpost is probably not possible. 

> > Also I just noticed there is a therion 0.3.10. Did I miss an announcement
> > for this? I'll do a debian upload now I know about it, anyway.
> There was an announcement on Wed, 5 Apr 2006 17:10:42 +0200 :)

Ah yes I was on holiday then.

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