[Therion] Slope symbol needed

Philip Schuchardt ohc at vt.edu
Thu May 4 15:16:11 CEST 2006

This is my overloaded symbol for gradient point.  I want to make a line symbol 
for gradient but I havent gotten around to it. 

code metapost
    def p_gradient_AMER (expr pos,theta,sc,al) =
        U:=(.15u, .4u);
        T:=identity aligned al rotated theta scaled sc shifted pos;
        pickup PenC;
        #Left Hand side
        thdraw (-.3u, -.2u) -- (-.7u, .1u);
        thdraw (-.2u, -.1u) -- (-.4u, .6u);
        thdraw (0u, 0u) -- (0u, .9u);
        #Right side
        thdraw (.3u, -.2u) -- (.7u, .1u);
        thdraw (.2u, -.1u) -- (.4u, .6u);

 initsymbol ("p_gradient_AMER");

Philip Schuchardt

On Wednesday 03 May 2006 11:34 pm, Wookey wrote:
> British cavers are complaining that therion doesn't have a BCRA-type slope
> symbol. I know I know learn metafont and do one myself but time is short
> and i'm hoiping it's easy for an expert so I can get MArtin to do it :-)
> Here:
>  http://cucc.survex.com/expo/smkridge/161/300dpi/balley.png and
>  http://cucc.survex.com/expo/smkridge/161/300dpi/knoss.png
>  are examples showing typical use - the filled black triangles in boulder
> alley and the smaller ones at over the rainbow, then more in knossos
> chamber, tower blocks,tower hamlets and waterfall chamber.
> Long thin ones are used for very steep slopes. Short fat ones for more
> normal sloping floors.
> Can you help, or give me a lcue for where to start doing it myself?
> Also I just noticed there is a therion 0.3.10. Did I miss an announcement
> for this? I'll do a debian upload now I know about it, anyway.
> Wookey

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