[Therion] Slope symbol needed

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu May 4 05:34:00 CEST 2006

British cavers are complaining that therion doesn't have a BCRA-type slope
symbol. I know I know learn metafont and do one myself but time is short and
i'm hoiping it's easy for an expert so I can get MArtin to do it :-)

 http://cucc.survex.com/expo/smkridge/161/300dpi/balley.png and
 are examples showing typical use - the filled black triangles in boulder
alley and the smaller ones at over the rainbow, then more in knossos
chamber, tower blocks,tower hamlets and waterfall chamber. 

Long thin ones are used for very steep slopes. Short fat ones for more normal sloping floors. 

Can you help, or give me a lcue for where to start doing it myself?

Also I just noticed there is a therion 0.3.10. Did I miss an announcement
for this? I'll do a debian upload now I know about it, anyway.

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