[Therion] Dataset structure including survex files

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Jun 28 09:27:56 CEST 2006

Just a few remarks to your yesterday mail:

> 1) with import ../benarat.3d, and import command outside survey terikan
> works, with these warnings:
>  therion: warning -- unable to import 25 stations outside survey
>  therion: warning -- unable to import 43 shots outside survey

This is because in your .3d file, there are some stations and shots outside any
survey. If you put import outside survey, these stations/shots can not be
imported. Therion must have stations and shots in surveys.

> 2) with import ../benarat.3d, and import command outside survey terikan _and_
> inside survey terikan
> works, no warnings. (this is a very odd result!).

If same station is imported twice, no warning is given. This is because
otherwise you would not be able to work with local and global .3d file without
modifiyng your codes (commenting import command on local level, when a global
level import is present). Correct way would be probably use some #ifdef syntax,
but I am not sure whether it makes sense.

> 3) with import ../benarat -survey use
> fails:
>  therion: warning -- unable to import 3895 stations outside survey
>  therion: error -- faketerikan.th2 [95] -- survey does not exist -- fake --
> invalid station reference -- 1 at fake

If you use surveys use, than you are missing survey definitions in your terikan
dataset. In this case fake.1 at terikan station is created, not 1 at fake.terikan you
are referencing in your th2 files. You need to add empty surveys after survey

survey terikan
  survey fake
  survey elevator

> Given how hard it has been for me to make sense of this, having spent some
> 10 hours or so getting to my current state of confusion, I think we need a
> better way of debugging these sorts of errors, as well as a very clear
> desription of how it is suppposed to work.

When you will get your codes working together, could you please write more
detailed description of import command to therion book?

Regards, S.

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