[Therion] thconfig disapearing...

Eric Madelaine Eric.Madelaine at sophia.inria.fr
Wed Jun 14 16:39:16 CEST 2006

Stacho Mudrak wrote:

>Sorry for the delay, but last weeks I have been a little bit busy.
>>Yes, thus would be helpful.
>>Naturaly, I did a backup by hand, after the crash yesterday, but it
>>means doing it each time you change significantly the config file, add a
>>layout, etc.
>I have added backup of thconfig files to xtherion, just install the latest
>snapshot. Until I will have more time to find where the problem is, I think
>this will be a solution. I have tried to reproduce this error, but without
Thank you Stacho.
I will install the snapshot, and keep you and the list informed if any 
problem. The problem being non deterministic anyway (at least from the 
data I have)... this is certainly a good solution for now.


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