[Therion] thconfig disapearing...

Eric Madelaine, INRIA eric.madelaine at sophia.inria.fr
Sat Jun 3 19:16:21 CEST 2006

A quite ennoying bug that just occured for the second time for me:

a the time I run the therion compiler (from the compile button in the 
xtherion interface), it crashes (empies) the thconfig file, and raises 
an error complaining that it has no config file...

> therion 0.3.10
> initialization file: C:\Program Files\Therion/therion.ini
> reading ... done
> configuration file: noemie.thconfig
> reading ... done
> C:\Program Files\Therion\therion.exe: error -- source files not specified

At the time when the error is reported, the config file (here 
noemie.config) exists, but is empty, while I just had edited it a minute 
The first time it happened (2 weeks ago) I think that there were a 
syntax error message relative to this file, but I cannot be sure. This 
time, I'm sure there were no error (at least no error message)  prior to 
the crash.
What is ennoying is that I have the habbit to have all my layout 
definitions in this file, so it is quite a loss !

I'm using Therion 3.10 on Windows XP-home.


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