[Therion] 3D models

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Nov 30 10:28:39 CET 2005

Quoting Wolfgang Zillig <wolfgang.zillig at web.de>:

> no, I don't have much problems with xp. It only sounded a little bit
> like that I need Macosx for the 3dim part (3dmf). Probably a more
> detailed information about the 3D part would be nice in the manual or in
> the wiki (howto, 3D-viewer, ....)

Yes. This is missing. But mostly because we started with 2D and 3D features are
still only experimental and not very nice. The easiest way how to handle good
3D now is to export .plt file from therion (if you have LRUD data) and use some
other program (new Aven or CaveX) for visualization. Geo3D is very nice, but
under emulation it is extremly slow.

> So this is possible not the best way to do it, but it seems that I
> missed the correct way of doing it in the manual. So I will read the
> manual again.

In therion it is done following way (example):

# surface command for entering surface
# grid to specify position of surface
# grid X-start Y-start X-step Y-step C-columns R-rows
  grid 400080 5419750 10 10 190 68
# calibrated surface texture - not yet supported in 3D viewer
  bitmap <filename> [calibration-parameters]
# followed by CxR altitudes matrix
  1520 1530 ...
  1680 1690 ...


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