[Therion] 3D models

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Nov 30 05:52:30 CET 2005

Wolfgang Zillig wrote:
> I'm under WinXP ;-((

Why do you see WinXP as a problem?

The whole therion developement is currently running under WinXP and 
Micorsoft Visual C++ and it is much faster then before, when I was using 
free tools under linux. Especially aplying code changes when the program 
is running is very handy feature I did not see in any free developement 
environment :)))

> Can you give me some references to the documentation of vrml? I think 
> I'll have to prepare my surfave grid better (triangles) or something 
> like this and not independent lines in x and y direction.
> When I've seen it right, the coordinate in the vrml file are not in real 
> UTM coordinates. Can you give me a hint how to prepare my data so that I 
> can include it manually?

Reading your e-mail, you are probably not using therion surface object. 
Are you?

There you can specify surface grid quite easily without taking care for 
triangles etc. You can also specify bitmap JPEG file, that will be in 
the future covering this surface in 3D. Currently this bitmap file is 
used in the PDF output.

When you will do it like this - you will be able to see surface also in 
the xtherion 3D viewer and vrml. And editing transparency in VRML will 
be just a question of changing one number.

> I will try out this, but first I have to get the lrud data ;-((

Do you have your 3D data in some other caving software?


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