[Therion] 3D models

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Tue Nov 29 14:35:51 CET 2005

Quoting Wolfgang Zillig <wolfgang.zillig at web.de>:

> 1. I want to achieve that invisible parts are hidden (the surface grid
> on the backside of the hill). Is this possible? I would estimate that
> this is not possible with the format svx but what about vrml or 3dmf?

What operating system do you use? You can edit vrml by hand - there is some
transparency switch. To view 3dmf effectively, you need a MacOS and Geo3D.

> 2. The overlay of a (half transparant) jpg graphic would also be nice.
> Possible?

Not yet in therion, but I am actually working on it.

> 3. Can you reccomend a good viewer for vrml and 3dmf? I use at the
> moment the cortona vrml plugin for the internetexplorer but I'm not
> completely happy with it. I don't have a player for 3dmf at all on my
> computer.

Well, to be honest - I do not know any good player, therefore I started to work
on my own :) Release is scheduled to april'06 :(

> 4. Is it possible to get a 3d model of the cave by lrud data? Up to now
> I did not type these into the input files?

Yes, it should be.


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