Therion and survex

Martin Sluka martinsluka at
Mon May 2 12:52:57 CEST 2005

As wrote Stacho -

if survex will export LRUD to 3D format, there is simple way in therion:

import cave.3d
export cave.xvi

And draw the details in xtherion map editor - to divide the data from 
survex 3D to scraps to generate map or 3D from therion


At 10:30 +0200 2.5.2005, Martin Sluka wrote:

>At 09:24 +0200 2.5.2005, Stacho Mudrak wrote:
>>The problem is very simple - there are no LRUD data stored in .3d 
>>file (at least I didn't noticed them) => therion is not able to 
>>read them :(
>Is there any problem to add to survex export to .th2 files - 
>including only stations and "walls" connected LRUD?
>(I am not able to imagine how to divide the survex data to scraps only.)
>My 0.02 EUR


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