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>>> >So I must beg your pardon. I can only say that it's the nicotine (or
>>> >better, lack of it in my blood) who was apeaking. I think I'll get out
>>> >for some days or at least until I get some valium.
>> Well, I did not realized that  :)

neither did I - I don't know what you are talking about Roman  :-)

>> There is just one problem with configuration files, that we did not
>> solved until now:
>> 1. If installation will overwrite these files - than user will loose
>> it's settings.
>> 2. If it will not overwrite them, plain user will not have ability to
>> set up new things.
>> In any case - make install - under linux should create them at least.
>> But what to do if those files already exist? Should we create some
>> [x]therion.ini.template files? I have no idea.

The debian packages solve this by having a concept of 'config' files. These
are special files, which if they get overwritten on install (and have been
changed since last time), then the installer asks if you want to use the old
ones, the new ones, look at the differences etc.

For a plain make install, I'm not sure what the normal thing is - I expect
just overwriting the old ones is normal.

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