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Mon Jan 10 16:00:26 CET 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-01-10 14:03 +0100]:

>>>> >>Do you use different map symbol for this (dashed/dotted line)? If yes,
>>>> >>we need to add another sumbols for that.
>>> >
>>> >yes - it should be dashed, like a presumed wall. (or a presumed block wall,
>>> >or a presumed border, or presumed anything)

I will send a separatemessage about this little drawing problem as it is an
odd one which can perhaps be dealt with a different way,but it needs a
diagram to explain.

>> OK, but having everything presumed or not brings another dimension to
>> symbols - it can complicate things a lot. Adding one presumed symbol is
>> OK, adding presumed versions of all symbols is not possible.

As you say, it should be a flag, not an additional type.

>> Having types and subtypes was an error in the therion concept in the
>> beginning. Having only types and flags would be probably much better,
>> but it is too late to change this.
>> Another example is visibility. We have visible flag for each symbol
>> (on/off) but also we have wall -subtype invisible symbol. Both are doing
>> the same :((
>> OK - changing therion this way would be easy - but converting existing
>> data is difficult. I would be very happy if I could remove subtypes, but
>>  it would be quite substantial change...

It it really that difficult to write some perl conversion that would usually
do the right thing?

I think you are right that this was a design error and we should fix it if
at all possible. There are not that many datasets now - in the future it will
only get harder...

I think we should say that this will change in 0.4 or something. If we can
add the new functionality now/soon so that people can create new data in the
new style, then that will make it easier to convert (because there will be a
version that can cope with old and new data for people to use until they
have converted).

I don't want to break my dataset any more than necessary, but if changes are
necessary for long-term growth, and we can design a reasonable transition,
then it is probably worth doing.

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