20050223 translation

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Feb 24 08:35:43 CET 2005

Roman Muñoz wrote:

> a) I've seen types translation. It seems to be visible only after type
> is selected. It is not as handy as expected, but is better than nothing
> anyway. Thanks a lot.

Yes. May be adding translation line right above the list box would be better (at least you will not need to focus your eyes on the oposite corner of the screen). Also translation of list-box items should be possible. The only problem is - that options line can not be translated this way - therefore there will be still mixed english with some local language.

May be another solution that is already in the TODO list wuld help (Wookey asked for it). Add context menu when right clicked on point/station. Via this menu - a type and most common options (like alignment, text, value) could be selected. This could be then translated.

> b) I can't see types in xtext* file. If it would be necesary fix some
> of them, where can I find them?

Those translations are taken from therion symbol list. You have to edit thlang/texts.txt.

> c) A lobbyed friend of mine was getting stuck right after opening
> Therion. He don't realized that he needs to open existing files or
> create new ones in order to activate user interface. Could we have some
> status bar message displayed when pointer is on canvas and there are no
> open files? Somewhat like "To activate user interface, open existing
> file or create new one"

Should be no problem. I'll put it into TODO list.

> d) Same way, I think new warning about need to save recently
> created th2 file should mention the "th2" thing explicitly.
> e) I observed that you have modified some of existing strings same way I
> did, but not all of modified spanish strings have their english
> equivalent. If you find it useful, I could do this in english too,
> ideally after translation is completed and before 0.3.7 release.

It would be great. The best way how to do it is to add en translation - not to modify source files. So just export empty xtexts_en.txt file and you can fill all strings you want.

> f) I'm planning to do my writing in "english" too, and put both versions
> on wiki after 0.3.7 release

Thanks, S.

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