[therion] next dumb question

John Pybus john at pybus.org
Wed Feb 23 13:27:21 CET 2005

Stacho Mudrak wrote:

> I would like to change it exactly the way, you suggested. To add extend option to centerline (remove it from point). Then extend centerline first - and then everything else will work normally. There will be no need to draw stations in scraps in specific order with complicated extend options, you will be able to export surveys in this projection to map etc...
> If users will agree (probably nobody until now did a lot of extended elevations - because it was so complicated), I can change this until 0.3.7 comes (probably).

An excellent idea, change it now it only gets harder to change things as time goes by.  Now that therion supports it, I'm keeping all my centreline data in survex format and importing .3d files.  survex can create a flattened .3d with the 'extend' command.  I'd like to be able to import these for my extended centreline.



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