windows binary translated

Roman Muñoz tatel at
Thu Feb 17 20:53:07 CET 2005

Hi all,

I managed to get windows binary translated. Simply rename a translated
/therion/xtherion/xtherion file as xtherion.tcl and use it overwrite
installed windows binary's one. Et voila!  :)

BTW, .iss scripts don't worked for me: First I needed to realize
that there are more .iss files than common.iss Then I found
therion.iss in therion's source (from tar.gz). Then I needed edit it to
get no complain about application number, and wish.exe being now
wish84.exe. Then I had to install windows binary and update to get
therion.exe and thbook.pdf from it, and xtherion tcl from my own
translated and renamed one.

So I compiled it but after install it looks for wish.exe: If you point
him to wish84, he asks for tcl84.dll... then I tried the wild way.

I'll do a final test of translation prior to putting it all on wiki.


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