[therion] translating types

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Feb 16 12:20:13 CET 2005

Roman Muñoz wrote:

> Date is not fixed yet, however things are moving faster than
> expected. I'll need to do hard lobbying work from now. It would
> be very helpful if I could send even a not-so-fully-translated, windows
> binary version to some people as fast as possible. I updated the
> translation script in wiki so types remain untouched, but I have no idea
> about compiling those all tex, tcltk, tkimg, etc, things, in order to
> get it working on windows :(

No problem. If you want to make your spanish installation - you will need to download following file:


Then you have to unzip it into same directory (e.g. C:\Cave), where your therion sources fow windows exists. So you will have there directories:


In therion-batteries, you will need to modify common.iss and set

Then you will need Inno Setup compiler (try google, no idea about download web page) to compile therion-full instalation script for windows. It will generate therion-full.exe in C:\Cave directory. Then you can rename it to therion-full-0.3.6-es.exe and put on some web page.

If you are not able to compile therion under windows - and you have your xtherion in spanish, just do following:

Unpack sources and install win32 therion.
Copy therion.exe for program files to therion directory.
Copy thbook.pdf to therion/thbook dir.
Copy spanish version of xtherion.tcl into therion/xtherion dir.

And that's all. After that, you can compile your own installation.

>> Also I have almost finished using LRUD data in map editor.
> Aaah... very good new; I think it is at least as important as
> translation. Will there be a grid in map editor to make drawing to scale
> easier? Is there an idea about release date? Could this next release be
> "translated"?

Yes, grid is already there. I hope, I can finish it this weekend. XTherion translation - I do not know - I didn't had time to look at it. I will try.

> I'm doing my first serious Therion survey now, and taking notes
> for a writing. (Wookey: your starter guide is useful, thanks) I'll
> post some (probably dumb) questions next week or so. I'm quite happy
> with therion. It is by far the best caving survey software I tried.
> Authors and contributors can be proud of it.

... and probably most complicated. A high-level interactive layer is still missing :(

Regards, S.

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