[therion] Re: problem importing .3d file

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Feb 9 09:35:34 CET 2005

OK, I have added two new options for import command and changed the survey structure policy. Now non-existing surveys are created.

+ import -filter <string> -- only stations with given prefix and
  shots between them will be imported - prefix will be removed from
  station names
+ import -surveys (create)|use|ignore -- specifies how to import survey
  create = split stations into subsurveys, if subsurveys do not exists,
           create them
  use = split stations into existing subsurveys
  ignore = do not split stations into sub-surveys
  This option works only for .3d import.

So now you can do following

survey terikan
import terikan.3d -filter terikan
... scraps & maps ...

You can download developer's snapshot to test them.


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