New version of therion software

Martin Sluka martinsluka at
Wed Feb 2 10:49:04 CET 2005

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Therion 0.3.6 (2005-01-31):


* LRUD passage dimensions support
* centreline processed in other programs (*.3d, *.plt) may be imported
* transparent solid surface in 3D model
* map colouring support
* map grid support
* if station subtype is not specified, Therion reads it from  centreline,
  if it's specified there
* MetaPost symbols completed and improved (error handling,
  division by zero fixed)
* scrap filled and clipped correctly even if scrap border intersects  itself
* centerline, bounding box and surface supported in 3DMF and VRML  export
* Spanish translation added
* input language changes:
  - centreline command: mark, walls, vtreshold;
    + new role pics
    + new data item ignoreall
    + new data type dimensions
      (station, up/ceiling, down/floor, left, right)
    + LRUD dimensions may specified as pair [<from> <to>]
  - point command: snow
  - line command: ceiling/floor-meander, border:presumed
    + line gradient and water-flow not clipped by default
  - area command: blocks, snow, ice, clay, pebbles
  - scrap command: -3d changed to -walls option
  - equate command: may be used outside of centreline
  - import command added
* configuration file changes:
  - layout command: grid, grid-size, code/endcode, color map-fg  <altitude/map>,


* new items in xtherion.ini
* file timestamps are checked while saving
* auto save feature
* lot of bugfixes
* Map editor: new shortcuts (ctrl-a, ctrl-r, page up/down, shift page  up/down)
* Map editor: clicking twice on the same point ends the point  insertion mode
* Map editor: station names are automatically increased (or decreased  :) in
  extended elevation)


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