[therion] therion protractor

Martin Budaj m.b at speleo.sk
Tue Feb 1 16:03:09 CET 2005

>> I'm a geologist/speleologist in Brazil. I find the Therion Protractor in
>> the
>> www
>> and find it very useful, but here we use more often a 1:400 scale. I have
>> printed the protractor at 50% of the original size, but the results were
>> not so
>> good, so I was thining if you could send me a vetorial version of it (in
>> degrees), either in SVG, CDR,WMF or any other format.

Attached is protractor 1:400 in PDF format in two sizes. One of the next
versions of Therion (hopefully 0.3.7) will contain an easy-to-use
interface to generate the protractor in any combination of scale/length
units/angle units.


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