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Wolfgang Zillig wolfgang.zillig at
Tue Aug 16 10:00:26 CEST 2005

Thanks a lot!

That was it! I'm quite new to therion but the reason is quite obvious. 
But there is another problem with symbol scaling (station marks)

> This is strange, I have just tested following lines:
> surface
>   bitmap map.png [1335 816 400419.2 5421275.2 1781 257 401357.1 
> 5420034.05]
> endsurface
> and there was no complain. It worked without problems. What version of 
> therion and OS do you use?
Hm, I tested it again today and it works now even without grid. Strange, 
I don't know what I did yesterday. It also seems that Therion crops the 
image to the layout size. Is there a way to get the whole image with the 
centrelines (or outlines,..) but with no additional north arrow or other 
layout stuff?

>> But now an other error occurs (dimension too large). I think it is 
>> from pdftex. I have a scan from a topographical map and specified the 
>> koordinates with UTM.
> This may happen - it is already in TODO to generate some more user 
> friendly warnings.
> Therion by default generate map in 1:200 scale (for caves), which is 
> in your case (map at 20x30km a PDF with dimensions 100x150 m. Try using
> -layout-scale 1 20000
> or some even smaller scale.

This works but it changes the symbol sizes of the stations also. I've 
added two pdfs which show the different scales. I only have the 
centreline data (and stationmarks) visible with some metapost code. The 
best would be to swich station marks off. Here the  layout part of my 

layout test
 #scale 1 20000
  scale 1 1000
     surface bottom
  code metapost
  def l_survey_cave (expr p) = draw p withpen PenD withcolor (0.1,0.3,0.1);


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