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Thu Aug 11 01:03:03 CEST 2005

+++ Stacho Mudrak [05-08-10 22:24 +0200]:
> There is also possibility to work only with the smaller part of the cave 
> - not entire system at all. It should be fast enough.

Yes, this is something I've been looking at. There are actually two aspects
to this. 

1) For final results I want to produce both an overall map and maps of
individual caves. I haven't yet understood how I can do this. So far as I
can tell I need multiple thconfig files to do this, because 
'export map -proj plan -layout <layout> -o <file.pdf>' seems to include
everything of the relevant projection. How do I add more export map line
which just contian a specific map? Can I specify a particular map in a layout?

Doing this will of course mean it takes longer to process, but each smaller
map will render faster.

2) Whilst working on the system, working with subsections as you describe
above. This would presumably take the form of adding some selects
temporarily, then removing them for final map production - right?

> You can also have more xtherions open :) - when you need to switch from 
> one to another .th2 file.  I usually do - when searching for some join 
> errors.

That is a good idea, which I never thought of. One for the hints and
tips/FAQ I suspect (along with some of the other answers in these threads).

Although I may well run out of memory on this machine and have things go
very slowly - I'll try it.

> >Wookey, just a question - have you check "select" option in config file? 
> >If I need only small part of large system, I may "select" and therion 
> >will generate only this small part of cave.

so far I have been ignoring it as the default 'select all' did what I
wanted, but clearly I need to start using it.

> >"select" works in manual way or if you doubleclick on part of cave in 
> >map structure.

Aha - that's something else I hadn't discovered. Now I just have to work out
exactly where to put it.

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