[Therion] Feedback on 0.3.8 - queries

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Wed Aug 10 22:47:33 CEST 2005

Wookey wrote:
> Is it working/useable now? 

Not yet. There are still problems with compilation of the stuff (it 
depends on wxWidgets, OpenGL, VTK and freetype libraries)...

> The expedition would like to try this if all
> I have to do is add a load of passage-height indicators. (note I am not
> going on the expedition, just preparing data and software for it).

... and this part of therion code was not touched. 3D models from the 
maps are still only experimental.

> So I'd say 'line dripline', 'line cliff' and 'line landform'

OK, it sounds reasonable.

> But for the dripline (which always goes across the entrance) we want the
> passage fill to go up to this line (it defines the outline of the cave
> just like passage walls do), so I would think that -outline out is
> correct here, is it not?

Yes. You are right.

> OK. I should check if it is right. (I wonder how it works for fake
> surveys which have no 'legs' - only a long list of fixed points?)

They should not be included.

> terikan, bluemoon, menagerie, deception, david. Also useful would be to
> have a nuymber of entries of the form 'Cavename: length' for each of
> those surveys. I can presumably do that with some code tex-map?

Yes. We already have in TODO to add some meta-language (simmilar to 
html) for map headers. Usually people are not fammiliar with TeX syntax.

> OK - that sounds sensible. With transparency that should give correct
> results. I think an important feature of colouring is that the labels
> should be the same colour as the scrap they are in. This is the only way
> to tell which bit they refer to in multi-layered systems.

May be, we have to try this. I am just not sure - how deep into code we 
need to go to do it. I am afraid, we will need some special TeX macros 
for that, because labels are generated by TeX.


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