Wishlist - scrap preview, low-res preview

m.b m.b at speleo.sk
Wed Aug 10 10:37:01 CEST 2005

> Not sure how best to deal with this problem.
> Maybe showing scrap-names in the debug ouput would be sufficient. Or 

Agree. I had the same idea.

> a separate low-res output with scraps coloured differently and labelled?
> The 'without pics' option helps somewhat here, but what I really 
> need is some kind of low-res scrap overview.

That's easy -- use layout like

scale 1 1000
symbol hide group all
symbol show group wall
transparency off

> There is a related problem that the 1.5Mb PDF file now takes at 
> least 2 minutes to render on my 900Mhz laptop. Having some kind of 
> low-res ouput would be generally useful for checking that joins have 
> worked and caves have appeared would be very handy - is that at all 
> practical? I'm not sure where all the time goes.

use the same layout -- it's much faster to display if the transparency is not 
used, and only passage walls are displayed.


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