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>> Hello,
>> I've just installed Therion and would like to use it to draft a smallish
>> map. The data is being processed in Survex. I'm aware I can modify the
>> survex files and use them with Therion, but I am thinking there is a
>> better way. A quick read of the therion book didn't help. But there is a
>> reference in the Therion source to reading .3d files  :)
>> Does anyone have a quick intro to getting started with survex .3d files?
>> Is there an archive of this list I can look through?

As of v0.3.7 it does read .3d files. If we were organised this would be
covered in the FAQ, but it isn't.

You need to do:
import survexfile.3d

In my dataset this is withing a
survey dummy
endsurvey dummy

pair but I think this is no longer necessary in the current code, and you
can add options to 'import' to strip off some prefixes to make it match the
level of your therion data. It's not trivial to get right though and could
do with some examples in the FAQ.

import should be documented in the thbook I think.

If you read the back-issues of this list from1-2 months ago you can read
about this option (problems with it and changes to solve them).


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