Example models?

Wookey wookey at aleph1.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 17:43:31 CEST 2004

+++ Stacho Mudrak [04-09-30 17:10 +0200]:

>>> >I'm giving a talk about Therion at the BCRA conference this weekend.
>>> >Are there any examples of real 3D models and how to create them beyond the
>>> >piccy on the website?
>> I will send you some at about 15 minutes.

Thanx - I just noticed that one of the website examples claims to have a 3D
model... The older example data I have mostly doesn't work with 0.3.3  :-(

>> They are created just by:
>> source input.th
>> export model
>> Where input is only 2D map. Nothing else.

Doesn't it need height symbols adding? Or does it guess if none are entered?

>>> >Can it do colour in surveys yet? If so how?
>> No. It can do nothing. Just view and rotate. The 3D stuff is still in
>> the stage of design and those models are only preliminary.

Sorry I meant does the 2D stuff support passage colouring at all? or only

>>> >Is morphing restricted to within a scrap? e.g. say I have two parallel
>>> >passages, the data for one changes so it morphs. If they are drawn on the
>>> >same scrap then the walls of both passages will move. If they are on
>>> >separate scrpas then only the one that changes moves - correct? i..e
>>> >morphing is done on a 'distance from station, within a scrap' basis?
>> Yes, but if two scraps lie on the same loop, error will be distributed
>> between stations in both scraps so both passages will be morphed.

THanx very much for the quick response.

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