[therion] Re: Visit in Prague

Eric Madelaine Eric.Madelaine at sophia.inria.fr
Fri Jul 2 13:17:10 CEST 2004

Hello Martin,

    I'm preparing my travel now (I will fly on tuesday 6th morning), and I have a
couple of last minute questions for you all:

- Is it still ok for hosting me in Hriby on friday evening ?
- should I bring a sleeping bag ?
- Can you give me a phone number where I will be able to contact you or
somebody of your group? My cell phone should be operationnal in Prague, but you
never know... my number is +33 6 87 47 99 80  (and international cell calls are
expensive both for the caller and the callee...)

- I guess one convenient rendez-vous point for friday could be my hotel, but
if you prefer some other rdv, just tell me.

I will be in Hotel Abri
	( Jana Masaryka 36,  120 00 Praha 2)  <http://www.abri.cz>


martinsluka at mac.com said:

>> After phone with Stacho - they (Stacho, his wife, Martin) may come on
>> Friday July 9th at morning - visit a bit old Prague with you and
>> afternoon we may drive to Hriby to barbecue a therion, drink beer,
>> ... On Saturday we may continue and afternoon drive you to aiport.

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