[therion] Queries and comments on 0.2.17

Stacho Mudrak s.m at speleo.sk
Thu Feb 12 10:18:00 CET 2004

Answers to your questions part II:

> When a created file is re-read every blank line gets a 'text' entry in the
> file commands section, and when saved ends up as 3 blank lines - whitespace
> text entries shouldn't appear.

??? I've been trying this, but without success. No blank lines converted to text appeared? Could you please send me one th2 file, where there is a lot of text entries?

> Entering stations - ther is a space for 'id' but not name, which you need to
> enter for every station. Indeed why is the id not the name?

-id identifies the object it self (joins for example refer to id's). -name is a reference to survey station - it can not be ID, bacause you can not have two objects with the same ID in the same survey.

> Air drafts need to be able to specify number of ticks - this is used to
> indicate wind strength

OK, the -scale does not work now. But the symbol can be easily redefined to change the number of ticks and not the size.

> The debris area symbol looks terrible. I want a quick way to fill in areas
> of rocks - needs randomised rocks of some sort with controls over size and
> density. Tunnel (java) has good code for this, with an arrow that control
> desity gradient. Borrow code?

We will start working on this in the next release.

> How does the slope line symbol work? It just seemst od raw a lot of
> overlapping lines for me. How does it differ from the contour line?

Click the l-size switch for one line point (optionally also orientation) and set the size to the desired slope width. This symbol generates gradient lines perpendicular (or in orientation) to main line with given size.


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